About Me

Damon Sabatini is a resident of West Palm Beach, Florida. Sabatini was self-made from a young age and continued to grow in this area throughout his life. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident in the numerous jobs he performed throughout the neighborhood and community, assisting nearby residents with many of the chores and items required to operate his own business one day, hopefully. Sabatini realized early on that staying on the beaten path would be detrimental to his health. He needed to start his journey if he wanted to be successful and give back.

Sabatini currently owns S&W construction group, a premier construction company that provides a wide range of services, from total overhauls to kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Sabatini draws on his extensive business experience to lead philanthropic projects such as regularly and anonymously donating to food drives and constructing shelters for those in need. In the future, he intends to control the ever-increasing economic demand for housing by building, placing, and shipping container homes, a growing trend in the United States. We'll go over his life in detail below.